Threshold Bible Study

Mary, Gate of Heaven Parish's Threshold Bible Study (facilitated by Hartford Catholic Bible School graduates) meets Sundays 7-8 PM at St. Mary Parish Center and uses the Catholic Bible School recommended Threshold program.  All are welcome.  For information and directions call Nancy at 860-683-4490 or email Kathy at

Threshold Bible Study is a thematic Scripture series designed for personal study and group discussion.  Through Scripture reading, study, reflection, conversation, and prayer, members of this study cross the threshold to a more abundant dwelling with God.

The Archdiocesan Hartford Catholic Bible School blog highlights weekly Biblical teachings and creates awareness of area scriptural workshops and seminars.  The blog is authored by catholic Bible School Director BJ Daly Horell.

Visit BJ's youtube video to find out more about the Bible School and discover why Catholics should read the Bible.






Saturday Vigil
4:30 PM (St. Robert)

7:00 AM (St. Mary)
8:30 AM (St. Robert)
9:30 AM (St. Mary)
11:00 AM (St. Mary)

Saturdays 3:30-4:00 PM (St. Robert)

Daily Masses
Monday through Friday:
7:30 AM (St. Mary)