CCD - Registration

Registration forms for the upcoming CCD year at Mary, Gate of Heaven Parish are sent out to all previously registered students in June. Forms for new students, who are always welcome, are available in the Religious Education office at the Parish Center and at the side doors of both churches during the summer. The registration form for 2022-2023 may also be downloaded from this page.

Registration Form & Letter

All new students should provide copies of baptismal certificates. All registrations are due by August 15.  Classes will begin the week of September 19.

Tuition fees are $60 for one student or $100 for two or more students.*  Kindergarten tuition is $15 for one child and $20 for two or more.  All students must be from familes registered at Mary, Gate of Heaven Parish.  Checks should be payable to Mary, Gate of Heaven CCD. Tuition for Confirmation students should be paid separately and is explained in the letter sent to all families of  Confirmation candidates. 

Tuition is used to purchase books and other materials for the Religious Education program. It may be paid at the time of registration or in installments. No child is ever turned away from the program because a family cannot afford to pay the tuition fee. Please see Mrs. Stratton to discuss tuition issues as needed.

Please consider volunteering  as a teacher or substitute so classes can remain small.  We need your help!

Please Contact the Parish Center at 860-627-9469 with any questions regarding CCD.


* If tuition is paid by August 15 the fee will be $50 for one student and $90 for 2 or more.






Saturday Vigil
4:30 PM (St. Robert)

7:00 AM (St. Mary)
9:00 AM (St. Mary)
11:00 AM (St. Mary)

3:30-4:00 PM (St. Robert)

Daily Masses
Monday through Friday:
7:30 AM (St. Mary)

8:30 AM (St. Mary)