CCD - Volunteer

Parents are encouraged to volunteer for the Mary, Gate of Heaven Parish Religious Education program. There are a number of opportunities available for parents and guardians who wish to help out. We are always in need of: 

TEACHERS for all class levels: You do not have to be a theologian or professional educator to teach a CCD class. All you need is to be a practicing Catholic with a commitment to training our youth in the fundamentals of our Faith. Teacher guides are available for all grade levels and we have a large collection of vidoes available to supplement lessons in the textbooks. Team teaching a class with a friend is a great idea if you are nervous about going it alone and Mrs. Stratton is always available for guidance, background information, and help with disciplinary problems. 

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS: We use "permanent" and "occasional" subs for the program. Permanent subs should be available (on call) most weeks during the class period for which they have volunteered. They will be called first when a teacher is unable to be here. Occasional subs are people who cannot be available on a regular basis to fill in for absent teachers but who are willing and able to take over a class occasionally when no permanent subs are available. 

OFFICE AIDES: Volunteers are needed to help out in the office during class time. Duties range from monitoring students sent out of class to helping with parish mailings.



Saturday Vigil
4:30 PM (St. Robert)

7:00 AM (St. Mary)
8:30 AM (St. Robert)
9:30 AM (St. Mary)
11:00 AM (St. Mary)

3:30-4:00 PM (St. Robert)

Daily Masses
Monday through Friday:
7:30 AM (St. Mary)

Saturdays & Holidays:
8:30 AM (St. Mary)